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Hi, my name is Socks. I joined the team in the spring of 2017. Like some other team members, I came from Faith Equine Rescue and I am happy to find such a loving home. I was born in 2011 but since no paperwork came with me we aren't exactly sure what my birthday is so we just celebrate it on January 1st!.





Hi, my name is Hagrid. I was born in 1999. I am a big bay Belgian/TB cross standing 16.1 hands. I just came to live here in Dec. 2014 and have been enjoying making all these new friends.





Hi, my name is Darby. I was born on April 15, 1997. I am a bay QH/Appaloosa cross (although I have no spots and my dad is full of them). I am new to the program (4/2014). My new owners, the Frohnerath family, are letting me enjoy working with all the kids while I am teaching them new things as well.




Hi there! My name is Gayland. I am cousins with Friday and was adopted by Anna from Faith Equine Rescue just a few weeks before Snakey adopted Friday.  I did basic training with Anna and moved up here on 12/28/12 to work in the program at Friendship Glen.

I was born 2/14/02 and I am a purebred Arabian and very outgoing (can't wait to meet you).






My name is Dexter. I was born on February 1, 1999. I am a buckskin gelding, grade QH cross.


Dakota with Shawn and Brandi





Hi, my name is Dakota and I am a registered Appaloosa gelding born on July 10, 1986. My full name is "Dakota Dandy." Even though I am blind in one eye, I am calm and good natured and frequently work with beginner riders. I also love doing my normal job working with my handicapped riders.



Hi, my name is Dominick (aka Domee). I was born on May 2, 1986. I am a registered bay TB gelding, but I have been told I am not your typical Thoroughbred. I have shown in dressage successfully through Second Level with Snakey and have started Third level, but I'm not crazy about those flying changes with my stiff joints. Recently I helped both Mary Phillips and my mom, Mary Urquhart (Snakey) earn the Century Awards with the USDF Foundation (horse and rider ages combined are at least 100).

R.I.P. Domee 5/2/86 - 11/25/17

Joey with Marissa and Cindy




My name is Joey and I was born in 1994. Joey is Cindy's BFF. He is half Paso Fino so he has a smooth 4-beat gait. He has been trained with verbal commands, including "whoa" and "walk on." Joey allows Cindy to groom him and clean his feet from her wheelchair and he puts his head in her lap so she can put his bridle on. He will do almost anything for a cookie.


Hi my name is Justice. I am a QH/Paint pony mare and they estimate I was born in 2000. I got lost in Frostproof, FL and was taken in by the Sheriff's dept. and then sent to Faith Equine Rescue. Anna decided to foster me and get me the eye surgery I needed because I lost one of my eyes. She worked with me and gave me some additional training so I could come up and start working in this program (I got to start on 9/7/13). I still have a lot to learn - and even though I only have one eye, I will try my very best.





If a cowboy rode into town on Friday and stayed for 2 days and left on Friday.
How is that possible ?

That's because my name is Friday!

I came to live at Friendship Glen on 2/25/12. I miss my old friends but I am looking forward to making a lot of new ones here. I am an Arabian gelding and Snakey adopted me from Faith Equine Rescue in Lakeland, FL. I am a beginner and still need to be trained but I am looking forward to it.




My name is Fancy and I was born in 1991. I really love my home supported by the Horses for Handicapped program and have been retired from regular work to deal with some senior health issues. I am sponsored by Nina and Katie and love all the little girl things we do together.

 R.I.P. Miss Fancy 1991 - 2016


Foxy at her 32nd birthday party



Hi my name is Foxy and I am an Appaloosa/Welsh cross in a red roan color.  I was born on January 30, 1980 and have been with Snakey and working with her girls since I was 2 years old. I really enjoyed my 32nd birthday party and all the candy on my carrot cake.


R.I.P. Miss Foxy 1/30/80 - 4/9/16


Hershey with Kara



R.I.P. Miss Hershey (1997-2014)


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